Gaia Council Table


Aesthetic meets functionality and material technology with Gaia: 3D Printed conference table designed at LAMÁQUINA by Aldo Sollazzo & Eugenio Bettucchi for the Italian Council in Barcelona. The name of this design piece is a tribute to the Former Italian Council in Barcelona, Gaia Danese. External Reference developed the concept idea while the 10 pieces composing the sculpture were printed at by us using the PURE.TECH material technology making it a CO2-absorbing furniture.

3D printed materials are integrated with resin for the finishing. The spheres bestow a floating appearance, conveying lightness and elegance at once. Integrated with electric plugs and accessories that makes it useful and effective/functional apart from a CO2 absorbing sculpture, a unique piece made out of unique materials.

Project credits

Client: Italian Council in Barcelona
Product Design: Aldo Sollazzo & Eugenio Bettucchi
Concept Design: External Reference
3D Printing: LAMÁQUINA
Material Technology: PURE.TECH 
Photography: Robin Lindgren





Jimmy Choo