Entangled Matter




Entangled Matter is a modular system for dynamic matter conversion designed by Marcella del Signore and 3D printed at LAMÁQUINA. It incorporates concepts from natural ecosystems to remediate climate change-induced stresses through new self-sufficient ecologies.
Entangled Matter represents a remarkable fusion of nature and technology, remodelling urban landscapes. Our collective efforts have enabled the realisation of dynamic matter conversion and self-sufficient ecologies, giving life to a powerful solution for microclimate remediation.

This is necessary as the drastic increase of environmental imbalances caused by resource extraction, mass production and the insatiable need for consumption lead inevitably to the destruction of our environment. This generates a requirement for ongoing technological progress, driven by nature, to envision and effectively harness the essential alignment with existing ecological processes.
A combinatorial network of scalable entanglements where hygroscopic materials are combined with organic life forms to filter the air around us and cool our surroundings through natural processes to re-establish healthy microclimatic conditions.

Allowing for a symbiotic relationship between human and non-human species, Entangled Matter replaces adverse interactions and allows for direct access to make natural processes visible and accessible through closed-loop systems.
Through LAMÁQUINA’s advanced 3D printing and engineering expertise, and the implementation of Pure.Tech technology with its capacity to purify air from harmful gases, we have expanded once more the boundaries of sustainable design.

“Entangled Matter” project credits

Project Lead: Marcella Del Signore i X-Topia; Cordula Roser Gray crgArchitecture; Tatiana Teixeira with Marcelo Chavez.
3D Printing: LAMÁQUINA
Material Technology: PURE.TECH


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