Exploring AlUla at Milan Design Week 2024

8 May, 2024

Madrasat Addeera Editions, exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2024, brings a glimpse of the ancient oasis city’s natural and cultural landscape. The exhibition consists of furniture elements and accessories, all perfectly in line with the ‘Materia Natura’ theme of the Fuorisalone. Indeed, these items explore the essence of materials and traditional craftsmanship to reinterpret the region’s biodiversity, its expansive desertscape, and cultural heritage from different perspectives. 

Among them, TECHNOCrafts presents ‘Alwadiya: The Living Pots’, a self-sustaining system inspired by the natural cycles of AlUla’s lush oasis. Meticulously crafted by the expert team of LAMÁQUINA with 3D-printed natural cellulose and CO2-absorbing PURE.TECH material, these vases are wrapped in naturally dyed linen fabrics and biodegradable leathers derived from locally sourced fruits and herbs, blending innovation and sustainability. 

These three elements function as living entities, capable of decomposing their own materials and integrating them back into natural cycles, encapsulating the essence of growth, transformation, and the enduring journey of life. The vases boast a skin-like surface, highlighting the interplay between layers and evoking a deep sense of vital continuity. 

Reflecting the life cycle of a tree and carrying visible signs of erosion and the passage of time, they imprint an indelible mark on the transformative nature of Alwadiya pieces. With its organic dynamism, the collection remains open to the ever-evolving environment and it establishes a point of convergence between traditional craftsmanship and digital technology, giving the perception of the rich and multifaceted essence of AlUla’s region.

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LAMÁQUINA X Exploring AlUla at Milan Design Week 2024


Alwadiya, The Living Pots
Alwadiya, The Living Pots