Alwadiya, The Living Pots

Dubai / Riyadh



Take a look to our contribution to Madrasat Addera Editions, a collectible design series by local and international designers and artisans, representing eight countries around the world.
3D Printed with cellulose at LAMÁQUINA, The Living Pots, are a part of this collection that takes its inspiration from the rich local culture from AlUla. These three pieces operate as living entities, capable of decomposing their own materials and integrating them into natural cycles.
They are crafted employing PURE.TECH, our innovative decarbonization material technology that has the ability to absorb CO2. Additionally, the collection features naturally dyed linen fabrics and biodegradable skins, which are produced using AlUla’s own fruits and herbs – a show of reverence towards its cultural and natural legacy.
These design elements capture the essence of growth, change, and the enduring journey of life. The vases present a skin-like surface, accentuating the interconnectedness between layers and creating a profound sense of vital continuity. The life cycle of a tree along with the visible signs of erosion and the passage of time, leaves the indelible mark on the transformative  nature of Alwadiya pieces. The piece’s organic dynamism allows the collection to remain open to the ever evolving environment.

Alwadiya, The Living Pots credits

Project by: Madrasat Addeera x Creative Dialogue
Design by: TECHNOCrafts
3D Printing: LAMÁQUINA
Material Technology: PURE.TECH 
Photography: MAÑANA
Curated by: Samer Yamani

Alwadiya, The Living Pots - 3D Printed by LAMÁQUINA




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