The Future of Construction: Aldo Sollazzo’s Masterclass Insights

8 May, 2024

Aldo Sollazzo, CEO and founder of Noumena Group, which includes Noumena Data (spatial analytics, computer vision, machine learning), LaMáquina (3D printing factory), and Pure.Tech (material that absorbs and purifies the air), led the masterclass that ended the 2022-2023 edition of the Project Management’s Master at La Salle-URL. 

He underscored the importance of integrating the digital and physical worlds in addressing global challenges, particularly in the construction industry. The Noumena Group advocates the integration of digital information into construction processes and vice versa, highlighting the importance of considering manufacturing methods that prioritize material innovation.

Aldo emphasized that nowadays there is a need to leverage data, manufacturing methods, and robotics to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the construction field and foster an alternative future. 

Watch the full video here