Stella McCartney x COP28: Pioneering Eco Solutions at the Sustainable Market

8 May, 2024

Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Market: ‘Innovating Tomorrow’s Solutions’, exhibited at COP28 in Dubai and in collaboration with PURE.TECH, highlights eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials. The project advocates variations in policies and regulations to encourage sustainable business within the fashion industry and promote its decarbonization efforts. Indeed, as the fashion industry accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, there is a need to find alternative solutions, going beyond the limited materials that the industry has traditionally been working with. 

COP 28 Stella McCartney - LAMÁQUINA - PURE.TECH

At the heart of this exhibition, the market stalls stand as both an innovative showcase and an inspiration of hope for a sustainable future. The walls, meticulously crafted through the pioneering 3D-printing process by LAMÁQUINA, not only serve as structural elements but also as active agents in fighting environmental degradation. Within these 3D-printed elements, 15 entrepreneurs showcased different possibilities of new cutting-edge or soon-to-be-available technology solutions that will transform the industry. 

Through the utilization of PURE.TECH, a revolutionary compound capable of removing CO2, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) from the atmosphere, these walls exceed basic functionality, becoming active participants in the battle against pollution and ensuring the purity of the surrounding air. 

Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, we can push the industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious path, to regenerate our planet instead of only taking from it and protect it for the generations of tomorrow. 

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LAMÁQUINA X Stella McCartney x COP28: Pioneering Eco Solutions at the Sustainable Market


COP 28 Stella McCartney
COP 28 Stella McCartney