A 3D printed vertical farm made out of natural materials and co-designed with school communities and children.

Enhancing biodiversity, self-sufficiency and educating the public in cities, the farm managed by the community produces food and becomes a host for insects and birds.

Thanks to the co-design process and to advanced manufacturing techniques, Vertical Food Farm will belong to the kids who co-designed it, providing them with an innovative and unique space where they can learn and explore more about flora and fauna.

Project credits

Developed by: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia – Advanced Architecture Group

Project Lead: Chiara Farinea, Andrea ConservaAdvisor: Areti Markopoulou

Design, Development and Installation:  Francesco Polvi, Ashkan Foroughi, Lana Awad, Fiona Demeur, Ilaena Napier, Gaia Agostini, Alexandre Dubor

Students: Divya Shah, Harshul Pareshbhai Goti, Mira Housen, Mara Müller de Ahna

Participatory Design Support: UrbiNat Network, Municipality of Porto

Installation Advising Team: Smart City Expo

3D Printing: LAMÁQUINA

Ceramic Firing: Cerámica Cumella