ULTIMATE EMOJI sculpture is a project by the Artist Albert Barqué-Duran was created to reflect on how digital “memes” shape our present cultural values and understandings of our emotions.

The project is a collaboration with The Social Dynamics team at Nokia Bell Labs Cambridge – UK (Aiello et al., 2016), 3D printed by La Máquina. The sculpture exhibited was first generated using Artificial Intelligence (A.I. – Machine Learning), then 3D-printed in a large-scale format, and finally was painted classically by the artist during a live-show .

This experimental aesthetics project uses innovative technology and recent scientific research on Computational Social Sciences to reflect on the impact of digital transformation in our society. A generative ambient music set, which is live-ensembled by the artist, creates a soundscape that gives context to the piece. The musical piece is also created using A.I. techniques featuring a collection of sounds sampled from famous digital “memes”. The performance took place – Disseny Hub Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2019.)

Project credits

Artist | Albert Barqué-Duran.

3D Print Fabrication | La Máquina 3d by Noumena.

3D Printer |  3D Wasp 3MT
Collaborators | The Social Dynamics team, Nokia.
Video | Billy Craigan.