Modernist geometric design meets the organic shapes of the manglar chair designed by External Reference and 3D Printed by La Máquina by Noumena.

The chairs are 3d printed optimizing all fabrication paths and material implemented. The result is a unique collection of pieces blending in the elegant context of Casa Sayrach. 

This fractal structure has been studied and computationally simulated for the design of the Manglar Table. Manufactured with 3d printing using an advanced polymer as a material that integrates PLA with a 100% natural mineral compound, it stands out for its property of mineralization, absorbing CO2 and harmful substances such as NOx and VOCs. It is a furniture that works like a real tree that absorbs CO2.

Project credits

Design | External Reference.

3D Print Fabrication | La Máquina 3D by Noumena.

Material | PURE.TECH

3D Printer | 3D Wasp 3MT

Steel Work | Óxido Taller.