Our 3D printing can be applied in different surfaces such as textiles for the act shoes collection. We design and manufacture several pieces, collaborating with designers and makers from our community.

ACT SHOES COLLECTION, part of “ACT” our first collection and displayed at the PRINT3D “Reimprimir la realidad” exhibition at CosmoCaixa.
With our PURE.TECH material technology, we introduce new sustainable solutions in the fashion industry that integrates advanced manufacturing technology and innovative materials.
Through a special collaboration between the Catalan designer Maria Carrion and Noumena. We develop this beautiful 3D printed shoes with the capacity to neutralize the main greenhouse gases.

Multidisciplinary approach is an important aspect  of developing new answers at the needs. Questioning solutions is a central aspect of our daily practice.

Project credits

Footwear design | Maria Carrion, Ammartaggio.

Fashion design | Anna Masclans.

Fashion Tech design | Laura Civetti, Noumena.

3D Print Fabrication | LAMÁQUINA by Noumena.

Material | PURE.TECH

3D Printer | 3D Wasp.