ACT BACKPACK, a piece designed by Reshape and part of the PRINT3D,  “Reimprimir la realidad” exhibition at CosmoCaixa; Mixing the minimalist design of Botó de Cotó with the 3D printing technology of PURE.TECH,a material capable of purifying the air we breathe.

Cleaning the air with 3D printed elements; we combine  an advanced polymer integrated with our PURE.TECH material technology, PURE.TECH is a 100% natural mineral compound, with the property to mineralize primary greenhouse gases (CO2 and NOx) and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Project credits

Fashion Tech design | Laura Civetti, Noumena.
Design | Botó de Cotó

3D Print Fabrication | La Máquina by Noumena.

Material | PURE.TECH

3D Printer | 3D Wasp.