LAMÁQUINA by Noumena, is a cutting-edge manufacturing center scaling up novel solutions for the 3D printing industry. We develop projects blending advanced sustainable materials with innovative printing strategies.

3D Print Experts

We turn design challenges into manufacturing solutions.

At LAMÁQUINA we blend craft and technology to create a new manufacturing standard. We explore new aesthetics informed by sustainable solutions, integrating advanced manufacturing technology with programmable materials.


In our facility, equipped with cutting-edge machines and a highly qualified team, we develop projects dedicated to big-scale additive manufacturing, achieving mass customization.  

Each piece we 3D print at LAMÁQUINA expresses the synergy between craft and advanced fabrication. Our aim is to bridge analog and digital expertise, reshaping tradition and innovation towards a new definition of manufacturing, establishing a new aesthetic driven by sustainability, functionality, and craft. 


We do it in a green way, implementing solutions that promote sustainability and advanced materials. 3D printing is for us a medium to establish new ecological solutions integrating digital intelligence and numerical fabrication in order to create more performing, less polluting environments.

To do so we use PURE.TECH. the most competitive technology neutralizing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, cleaning the air we breath.  

La Màquina by Noumena - 3D printing and manufacturing center

PURE.TECH is an advanced polymer absorbing the main greenhouse gases polluting our atmosphere. It integrates CO2pure, a 100% natural compound, with the property to mineralize CO2, NOx, and VOCs, converting them into inert minerals. PURE.TECH is specifically designed for 3d printing fabrication. 

Our products range from PLA and TPU pellet and filaments, guaranteeing highly manufacturing performances. 

La Màquina by Noumena - 3D printing and manufacturing center



LAMÁQUINA by Noumena. Noumena is a tech company implementing data-informed solutions for spatial analytics and strategic planning. Noumena mission is to develop metrics and instruments to empower decision-makers towards more efficient, resilient and sustainable spatial solutions. We implement spatial metrics and advanced visualizations to better understand complex spatial dynamics.

Reshape is a platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology in our society. Representing an international community of designers, makers and customers inspired by innovation, intends to establish a new worldwide network of ideas and creativity able to shift the production paradigm.

PURE.TECH is an advanced polymer integrating CO2pure, a 100% natural mineral compound, with the property to mineralize primary greenhouse gases polluting the air we breathe. Can adsorb and neutralize CO2, NOx, and VOCs converting them into environmentally friendly minerals. It has several phases of action, by catalysis, photocatalysis, carbonation and nitrification.